Sunday, April 26, 2009

The boy done good

Giggs got it.

Friday, April 24, 2009


- 0930: hydrocodone/APAP 7.5/500mg + penicillin

Hard to swallow; changing swabs every 15 minutes; deep ache around lower jaw, moving from back to front and occasionally to roof of mouth; raw feeling of holes; inside of cheeks feel very bruised; chin and tongue still numb (no drool though)

- 1130: 800mg ibuprofen

Incredibly uncomfortable; can't get away from pain and thinking 1330 is really a long time to go; ice packs helping slightly

- 1330: hydrocodone/APAP 7.5/500mg

Ache dissipated after ibuprofen and appetite returned; still painful to swallow and to open mouth - managed some yoghurt and mashed banana (Reubs would've been proud); totally spaced out on hydrocodone and decided to watch House (the first two episodes of Season 3, so I had more Vicodin than he did); the Wife came back from a run and was a silent comforting presence

-1630 penicillin

love that I'm warding off infections with penicillin

- 1730 hydrocodone/APAP 7.5/500mg

I could get used to this stuff - feeling slightly more chipper, though very drowsy; optimistic that I could get through to 1900 or later without ibuprofen and pace myself through the night; desperately want something savoury and that doesn't taste of yoghurt/blood/cotton swab mixture

Giggs is a legend

And Fergie is Old School with a capital O and a capital S.
"We gave Ryan all the accolades in Moscow [last May]," said the United boss. "The players' presentation was very emotional and it was a great representation of how the players feel about the boy.

I just love that he refers to the 37 year old Welshman as 'boy'.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Paradox of Choice

I got this book out of the library yesterday (it was a rainy Tuesday afternoon, what else is a guy to do when he's shirking work, eh?).

This video is a great opener - can't wait to get through my Batman comics to pick it up.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wisdom teeth

In ten days' time I will have all four of my wisdom teeth extracted. Three are impacted, the fourth is a 'tricky' one.

I'll have it done under general anaesthetic - after talking with the surgeon he recommended it and, even if he hadn't, I think I would have asked for it.

I think I'm scared about the pain. I know it's coming, but don't know exactly what it will be like. I know there will be a needle for the IV drip - I hope that's the only thing I feel until after the surgery. The only thing is the surgeon said that I'll need to take pretty much the whole weekend off - the kind of pain is the kind that 'will have you rocking back and forth' and 'give your tail a good kicking'. Hmmm.

The nurse warned me to not choose a light coloured t-shirt, just in case - when they extract a tooth (or tooth fragment) - they drop it on me and I have a blood stained shirt to worry about as well.

The risks outlined in the brief consultation (other than the pain, which is guaranteed and therefore not a risk but a certainty) were nerve damage or a hole in the roof of my mouth. Nerve damage would be to the nerve running along each side of my lower jaw, just near my wisdom teeth as it happens; damage would result in the loss of feeling around my chin and lower lip, so I would have to watch out when shaving. A hole in the roof of my mouth would mean food or drink coming out my nose, but this can be repaired with a few stitches.

I am a little nervous about going under a general anaesthetic too. Mrs Hope has had three operations which required going to sleep and each time I have seen her fears of how she will react to it. Not that I have ever been around her when she did wake up - but she said she was sometimes overcome by sadness, or the groginess was disorientating. Perhaps it will be like being drunk?

So after the operation I will be watching what I eat - apparently nothing too hard (obviously) or anything that can crumble into little bits and get stuck in the four gaping holes in my jaw.

What's most worrying to me is that nothing has been mentioned about whether they will give me any pain medication to take home and use over the weekend.

Oh, and the ice-pack (please let that not be all I get to take home) costs $20.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Some sites to spend time on

Have enjoyed two or three videos from these sites, and look forward to finding more new content on them in the future. (Typinator keeps correcting it to 'For a tv' but it's Fora really) was something I stumbled on (from Lone Gunman) this morning. I watched this interview with Jonah Lehrer on his new book; bit brainish, but good if you've got the time (certainly some great stories in amongst the big sciency words).

The other site is TED, which I was pointed to a month or so ago, and more specifically this video about what wisdom is. Again, some cracking stories to illustrate the points made.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Story of Stuff

Well worth a watch, and some time to think about it.